A.R.R.O.W. (Aural – Read – Record – Oral – Write)

Years/Age range


Type of children

Low attainers

Length of intervention

Usually 10 hours, delivered in daily 60 minute sessions

Brief description

Colin Lane has for many years been refining his theory that hearing one’s own voice is a psychological key to much language comprehension and performance, that the cause of some children’s difficulty in learning to read and spell is having an indistinct or unattended ‘self voice’, and that being able to record and play back their own voices can help some children make good progress. His system uses laptop computers with headphones to provide examples and exercises, and monitor children’s progress through his many-layered program. Children work individually with a laptop. The program displays a piece of text at an appropriate level, anywhere from a single letter to a short paragraph. The child hears it spoken, then repeats it aloud and records it, then plays it back – repeating this process as often as wished until the result is satisfactory to the child. Each mini-exercise ends with the requirement that the child writes down the piece of text.


For reading accuracy in Y1-9: remarkable
For comprehension in Y6: remarkable
For spelling in Y1-9: remarkable

Further information